Retirement Plans

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Overview of Qualified Retirement Plans

Defined Benefit Pension Plans - A defined benefit plan is always a pension plan. These plans are well known for their ability to allow for large amounts of tax-sheltered contributions to be made on behalf of their participants. This type of plan is structured to provide a participant with a specific benefit amount upon obtaining the normal retirement age specified in the plan. Although contributions to these plans are mandatory, this plan design makes it possible for older employees to accumulate a large sum of money for retirement in a relatively short period of time.

  • Traditional Defined Benefit Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Combination Plans

Defined Contribution Plans - A defined contribution plan defines the contribution the company will make to the plan. These contributions are usually based on a percentage of the participant’s compensation. Defined contribution plans are extremely popular due to the flexibility in the amount that can be made to the plan. The employer has the discretionary option to contribute 0-25% of eligible salary. Depending on the predetermined formula the allocation of the contribution can be based on compensation and/or the age of the participant.

  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Solo 401(k) Plans
  • Safe Harbor Plans
  • New Comparability Plans