About Us

Osborne & Associates, Inc. is a diversified, full-service employee benefit consulting organization that stands apart from others in our field due to rigid adherence to our corporate philosophy:

Osborne & Associates, Inc. is recognized as a leading third party administrator group specializing in pension plan design and administration. We have a rich history in the Central Valley dating back to 1978, when the first Osborne retirement institution was created. Since then, we have upheld the core values established nearly 40 years ago. Primarily by sticking to our philosophy of providing clients with trained, dedicated professionals who are motivated and committed to exceptional service and performance. Shayna Osborne started Osborne & Associates in 2001 and now owns and operates the company with her brother Wade Osborne. Both of whom continue to uphold the standard set nearly 40 years ago, which allows them to provide the most effective retirement plans for our clients.

Our longevity and growth are attributable to long-standing relationships with our stakeholders: CPAs, attorneys, clients and financial advisors. 

We achieve continued success as a result of our reputation for providing top-notch, highly efficient customer service and exceeding client expectations. We are committed to excellence in our workplace and relationships with our stakeholders by maintaining industry expertise through quality training and education; mutual respect, teamwork and cooperation; follow-through; and a positive attitude!

We measure success by our ability to retain clients and staff, earn new business, and our stakeholders' willingness to refer new business and relationships to us.